Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Review The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker

The Witch Hunter (The Witch Hunter, #1)The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book, man , this book ...

The story is great if you love fantasy and witches. Besides look at that gorgeous cover.

We have this girl that is wrongly accused of witchcraft and she is rescued from jail by the biggest and powerful wizard of the entire kingdom in exchange that she will break the curse lay upon the wizard.


I had my doubts to continue the book because at the middle it got a little bit of tedious but man, I am glad I finish it, the final was awesome and adorable.

*Characters: You will love all of them, except one miserable and little person.
*World: It's a great world and the book have a beautiful map.
*Narrative: Steady and in first person.
*Story: Unique (view spoiler)
*The cover: Read the book and you will understand the meaning of the beautiful symbol.

Give it a chance, it's worth it and it's a fresh unique story.

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