Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review Absolutely True Lies by Rachel Stuhler

Absolutely True LiesAbsolutely True Lies by Rachel Stuhler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Absolutely True Lies is the debut novel by Rachel Stuhler. By being honest, I never thought I would like this book but when I started it was hard to stop reading and do something else.

It was lovely and fun. I finish it in two days.

Finally in this book we know what happens in a fictional behind-the-scenes about the point of view of the ghostwriters and famous people that wants to do memoirs of their live. And in this book is about a struggling writer hired to do the memoir of a child star, blockbuster actress, and emerging pop star.

Since the beginning of the story, we can see that the story is interesting and wanting to know what the main character, Holly, is going to do and going to choose. But let's say that somethings are going to get crazy and you only want to know more and more about it. And that ending...


Is one of the best endings in Contemporary genre I have ever read it,there is a special character that reveals something and everything makes just sense, that just simple that characters have become one of the clever characters I have ever read.

I love the narration it was in first person and the pace was not rushed it was great.
The characters, I love them , principally Holly, Ben and Daisy.
The story, I really like it is very original, fun and unexpected.
The cover is gorgeous with the heart glasses and the tittle.


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